Anna Torfs Traam

Anna Torfs
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Pronounced colors and sharp cuts are investigated in Anna Torfs Traam vase resulting in an object that is dynamic and energetic. Minimal yet wonderfully sensual, Traam is handmade in the Czech Republic and is infused with Torfs' deep understanding of glass-blowing techniques which, although having hardly changed in 200 years, can still allow for an exceedingly contemporary object. Torfs manages to capture, absorb, and reflect light through the delicate interplay of different layers of colored glass which results in a richness few other glass artists achieve. Because each vase is carefully crafted by hand, no two pieces are identical. Slight variations in appearance make each piece a unique object of art.

Master glass designer Anna Torfs originally studied interior architecture which lead her to Prague in the Czech Republic.  But it was finally the ancient Bohemian glass and crystal making traditions and know-how that called her. Anna Torfs settled in Prague in 2001 and launched her own collection in 2002.
  • Low: b 26,5 x d 6,5 x h 15 cm
  • High: b 16 x d 6,5 x h 33 cm