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Cassina 838 Veliero

Franco Albini
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The Veliero bookcase recalls the stays of a sailing boat in its shape and structure. Two ash wood pillars on which shelves in stratified glass are suspended using a system of steel rods. In 1940, it was a challenge for Franco Albini himself, who made just one model expressly for his own home. In 2011, it was a challenge for Cassina, which has revived this model by solving the structural aspects with a re-issue that keeps the original model’s lightness and transparency intact.

It is important to remember that the Veliero, as a real object, of which only one was ever produced, was only seen by those who visited Albini's house in the period between 1940 and around 1960.

The Veliero was constructed as a single piece in order to act as a center-point in architect Albini's living-room in via De Togni in Milan. The object remained there for just over twenty years until the pumped up volume from a music system shattered a number of the bookcase's glass shelves, resulting in its complete collapse.

After that the Veliero was put back together on just one occasion, for a few months in 1979, at an important exhibition to commemorate the recent death of its owner. As such, this Veliero prototype has not been physically visible for around forty years, and even in its seventy-year existence it has remained largely invisible to the public at large.
Key facts
  • Product: 838 Veliero
  • Family: Albini Collection
  • Type: Bookcase
  • Space: Indoor
  • Manufacturer: Cassina
  • Designer: Franco Albini
  • Country: Italy
  • Launched: 1940

b 205,5 x d 55,5 x h 286 cm


Limited to 50 editions worldwide of which 1 available in Belgium, exclusively at Design Oostende

www.assoass.global amateur house wife.

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