Baobab Collection Trano Muzi Candle


  • Baobab Collection Trano Muzi geurkaars
  • Limited edition
  • Geurnoten van mint leaves, vetiver roots, ylang ylang
  • Max 10: h 10 cm, ℮ 500 gr, ± 60 branduren
    Max 16: h 16 cm, ℮ 1 kg, ± 150 branduren
    Max 24: h 24 cm, ℮ 3 kg, ± 400 branduren
  • Nieuw in ongeopende verpakking
  • Op voorraad
  • Leveringstermijn 48 uur
  • Gratis levering in België (andere landen zie Delivery)


Trano means ‘house’ in Malagasy. Baobab Collection have chosen this evocative name to celebrate home design, both inside and outside your house.

Baobab Collection have drawn their inspiration from the traditions of the Ndebele women of South Africa. These women have an ancestral know-how that they pass on from mother to daughter: The art of painting the outside walls of their houses with colorful frescoes and geometric patterns. This collection is the third edition of candles covered with raffia. The fiber is hand crocheted by a cooperative of Malagasy women with a rare and ancestral know-how.

5 candles and 3 diffusers with very graphic patterns compose the Trano collection. Through this limited edition, Baobab Collectionb wants to highlight an artistic heritage, a collection between art and craft.

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Max 10 (h 10 cm – ℮ 500 gr), Max 16 (h 16 cm – ℮ 1 kg), Max 24 (h 24 cm – ℮ 3 kg)


48 Hour Delivery


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